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An Urban Paradise Makeover

Updated: May 12

9 Yards Landscaping
9 Yards Landscaping

Creating clever landscape fix-ups doesn't have to involve a high budget construction build; it can start with a simple clean up and a few appropriately chosen perennials and shrubs.

The Big Cleanup

  • Mow overgrown areas

  • Prune shrubs and trees

  • Remove all the junk

Before you dig holes and tear down buildings, begin with a cleanup of the area. Once you clean up, then you can decide if you want to keep fences, structures, or garden accessories.

Hide It

  • Electrical junction boxes

  • Cable boxes

  • Air conditioners

Do you have items in the garden that must remain, yet are total eyesores? Take an inventory of the items and, working with , test what the best cover is to hide it. Do you need a fence in place to cover a junction box? Do you want to hide the air conditioner with plants? Just keep in mind that most things like an air conditioner unit will need several feet of space for air flow.

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